Happy anniversary of Independence of Ukraine - 2022!

To the indomitability of our people on the occasion of the anniversary of our independence

On the thirty-first year of independence, we experienced perhaps the most difficult test since August 24, 1991. The enemy who has the historical intention to "wipe us off the face of the earth" in order to not only take away our land but also our history and heritage has attacked us with all its might through crimes defined in international criminal law, aggression, crimes against humanity, war crimes and attempted genocide. We defended.

This was supposed to be the beginning of the end of a nation that many times tried to wipe off the face of the earth. An unconquered nation, it is perhaps cursed by the position of geography and political strategy in the center of civilized Europe, well, and obviously by its eastern-northern neighbor. In addition, that attractive but blood-cursed chernozem and a glorious but tragic story. In fact, it seemed that no one loved us until now. Neither the strong nor the weak of the world loved. The Ecumenical Church of Rome did not like Constantinople. It seemed that we were always in the way of everyone.

However, another test is also re-hardening. I want to believe that the world has finally seen its way. Probably not out of great love for us, but because of their own warning and protection against the greatest unnatural world threat. Today, many of our allies are former aggressors against us. There was one enemy left - the Muscovite. We indeed gave birth to him, just as the Lord gave birth to angels and devils. From the Kiev prince, mixed with hordes of wild population comes this calamity born not on the black soil, but on the swamps.

What more has Ukraine and the Ukrainian nation shown today, that is, the people of Ukraine and Ukrainians abroad during this last period, that is, half a year of a heavy and bloody war, not only with a seemingly militarily stronger aggressor, but also an aggressor who does not act according to the civilized rules of war or internationally accepted norms and defiantly does not settle with the world? We Ukrainians showed ourselves to be obsessed and worthy fighters and defenders of our land. Where we lack weapons or strength, our victory is enabled by our deep belief in our victory and the help and support of good people from different parts of the world. The people stood as one against their eternal enemy and opened the eyes of the whole world to the phenomenon of wild Moscow.

You can and should not wait for the final victory, but strive for it with all the strength of the human and Cossack spirit and the material support of our allies and friends. Ukraine has not only shown that it is a suitable candidate for NATO and the EU, but also a potentially advanced member of these structures. True, there are not without less positive pages, but they are relatively small and do not deserve attention when we celebrate our independence and the heroism of our people.

The slogan of this year's commemoration should be "Ukraine is calling all her children" - to strengthen our dedication, to work even harder so that our Ukrainian land with its borders on August 24, 1991 was completely free and sovereign. Also, we should not delay, but sincerely and at every step express our gratitude to our allies and friends on the Eastern European side, our closest neighbors and not to forget our American, English or other friends, including Japan and Australia.

In particular, we pay honor and respect to the Commander-in-Chief, his Minister of Defense, generals, senior officers, to the last soldier. And also to every volunteer, young person and grandmother and grandfather who keep explosive liquid or gunpowder in their village house for protection. This people is truly indomitable and serves as an example for their national brothers and sisters outside Ukraine, and not only them, but ordinary foreigners who responded so massively and significantly with surprise at a time of great need for our people. And most importantly, let's offer a prayer of gratitude and a request to the Lord God for his help by giving us a clear strong will to defend the aggression of evil and enable the victory of good.

"To the great moment" was written by the great stonemason, Ivan Franko. Indeed, "everyone can become Bohdan when the time is right." Nowadays, there are really different wars and everyone can cause victory with different weapons, from rockets to information, because the whole world has witnessed a great calamity and the whole world can and should become participants in fighting it off.

Let's light a candle with great sadness and sympathy for our great sacrifices in this war, and let's begin the celebration of the anniversary of our independence with great hope and faith in the strength of our people. Vasyl Simonenko wrote: "My people are, my people will always be, no one will cross out my people!"
This is true! Today, we are not only witnesses but also participants in our existence and indomitability! Glory to Ukraine!

August 15, 2022 Askold S. Lozynskyi