Announcement of laureates of the literary and scientific competition of the Foundation of the Ukrainian Free University 2022.

Jury, in the composition Olga Volyanyk-Kuzyshyn, Ihor Nikoliuk and Larisa Zanik made the final decision regarding awarding prizes to the winners of the literary and scientific contest named after the Volyanik-Shwabinskyi for works published in 2021.

First prize awarded Georgii Chornyi for historical research "Who are we, Ukrainians?".

Second prize awarded:
    Mykola Pavlenka for the novel "Far the illusion of time, or the last frontier of Ataman Shaloy";
    Maria Tkachevska for the novel "Princess Ostrozka";
    Andriy Mysyuk "Delyatyn-Osyp Vaskiv" and Victoria Tipchuk "Delyatyn-Vasyl Turchenyak" from the series of memories about outstanding people;
    and Mykola Vozianov for the poetry "Free Sonnets".

Third prize awarded
    Mykola Hryhorchuk for journalism "Freedom on the Barricades";
    Olga Derkacheva for the collection of short stories "Coat British Queen";
    Hryhoriy Roy for "Essay on Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Peoples"
    and Vladyslav Serdyuk for "Local experts and genealogists phloem".

Separately, the jury also noted the works of the following authors

Evgenia Gladunov for the diaries "From the Depths of the Enlightenment Heart";
Andrii Smirnov for the monograph "Between the Cross and the Swastika and the Red star: Ukrainian Orthodoxy during the Second World War";
Bohdan Dyachishyna for the essays "About the moments of life embraced by words";
Vasyl Klichak for the poetry "The Shirt of Hercules"; Yaroslav Polishchuk for the monograph "Beauty in the Mirrors of Life";
Oleksandr Panchenko for the encyclopedia "Poltava Diaspora";
Halyna Guzovska-Korytska for the story for children "On the Seventh Heaven from Happiness";
Ihor Zots "Donbassiya";
Anton Kaplinskyi for the documentary detective "Anglo-Ukrainian Mysteries";
Anastasia Trish for the poetry "Sacred gifts";
Volodymyr Tymchuk for the poetry "From Hetmanshchyna Bezmezhya";
Oleksandr Kosenko for the collection of poems "Apostrophe"; ]
and Stepan Protsyuk for "Bitter World, Sweet World: Essay on Writers and Surroundings".
In view of the state of war, the awards will be given individually, with the hope that next year the commemoration will be held at a solemn gathering.

October 4, 2022 Press Office of UFUF