UFUF War Donor List as of January 20, 2023

UFUF War Fund

Donor List

$150,000 – Askold and Roksolana Lozynskyj;

$60,948 – anonymous;

$50,000 –  Bohdan and Maria Chaban;

$40,000 –  The Ukrainian Free University Foundation;

$30,000 – Ulana Steck;

$20,000 – The Lozynskyj Foundation;

$14,524 -anonymous

$10,260 – anonymous;

$10,000 –  Sabrina Borst and Peter Rubinstein, Danylo and Oksana Dziadiw;

$6,000 –  Ruslana Rossi;

$5,000 – Ivan and Julia Roscishewsky;

$4,100 –  Halyna Chomiak;

$3,600 – Andrij and Alla Kletsun;

$3,500 – Bohdana Chudio;

$3,000 – Roman and Felicity Chaban, Maksym Lozynskyj;

$2,800 – Olga Wolanyk;

$2,520 –  Alex and Nataliia Chernoknyzhnyy;

$2,000 – Bohdanna Chudio, Rostyslav and Lyudmyla Zownirowych, Evhen and Nicole Kyj,  Maria Pryshlak;

$1,000 – Vasil Hnatyshyn, Myron Kolodij, Alexander Bohdanowycz, anonymous, anonymous, anonymous, anonymous, anonymous, anonymous, anonymous, Motria Chaban, Kyra Lozynskyj, Orest Hrycyk;

$800 – Anatole and Halyna Ridky;

$750 -Andrew Lastowecky, Christine L. Mociuk;

$749 –  Oksana Bashuk Hepburn;

$500 – Ihor Nykoliuk, Volodymyr Chaban, anonymous, anonymous, anonymous, anonymous, anonymous, anonymous, Veselka Enterprises, Ltd., Peter Kolinsky, Stefan and Erica Slutzky, anonymous, Tami Lippstreu, Mark Hatalak, anonymous;

$400 – Julian and Anna Tychanski;

$300 – Louis D’Allessio, Roma Duda, Nicholas Skirka, Marta Maczaj;

$250 – anonymous, Stephen Geffner, Zenon B. Masnyj;

$200 –  Vasyl Parashchak, Stephan Moravski, George and Vera Cap, Larysa Zanyk, Bohdan and Oksana Kuzyshyn;

$150 – Borys and Tamara Lewycky, Areta and Victor Nadzirny;

$100 – anonymous, anonymous, Oxana Lesiv, Jaroslaw and Marika Melnyk, anonymous, WADFFU Chicago, Andrew Kmeta, Lew and Linda Hryhorczuk, Danusz Kuzmak, Helen Skomsky, Angela Maksymets, Nadia Kmeta, Roma Hayda, Stefan and Swiatoslawa Kacazaraj, Stefania Semuszak, Robert Cristina in memory of Mary Mycio, Z TO MD LLC, Petro Mycio in memory of Mary Mycio, Albert Sherapov;

$75  – Roma Ihanatowycz in memory of Mary Mycio, Eda Rose Montgomery in memory of Mary Mycio;

$61 – Taras Zenyuk;

$50 – anonymous, Jaroslaw Dub, Wendy Kidd, Nastya Antoniv, James and Daria Cartwright in memory of Mary Mycio, Sara Silverman in memory of Mary Mycio;

$40 –  Greg Cearley;

$25 – William and Marta Ilnycky in memory of Mary Mycio;

$20 – Lubomyr Kulchytsky.

$466,947 – Total donations received

Donations were used for vehicles, drones, helmets, vests, imagers, goggles, beds, sleeping bags, knee and elbow pads as follows:


One hundred twenty helmets for a platoon in Dnipro transferred through a reputable publication “Borisfen,” purchased in Ukraine and distributed;

Seven ambulances through the Ukrainian Free University in Munich and transported to Ukraine;

Lviv Defense Cluster for five hundred eighty Level 4 bulletproof vests, of which seventy five were transferred to the 8th and 5th battalions of the Ukrainian Volunteer Army which is defending Kyiv and Mariupol, one hundred ten to Special Operations. The rest was allocated to the Military of Ukraine. The specific allocations were picked up by commanders or their surrogates;

Miscellaneous (eighty sleeping bags and beds and the like) for Special Operation Battalion from Lviv and Frankivsk) picked up by battalion member;

Fifty fog vision goggles purchased at Amazon and transported by carrier for distribution in Ukraine;

Four thermal vision goggles (three basic and one for sniper) purchased in Poland and picked up by Ukrainian military.

Eighty four tactical combat knee and elbow pads.

Four drones with camera, extra battery and memory card for the Azov battalion.

Chaplain Sviatoslav Yurkiv, Yavorivsky rayon for purchase of drones and goggles.

Drone for Sumska border crossing.

Transport of humanitarian aid from Spain to Rev. Mykola Ilnytzky, Kyiv oblast.

Cadillac to be covered with armor plates and miscellaneous expenses (bullet proof vests) for military transport in Odessa.

Ten variety thermal imaging cameras through Poland.

Twenty five emergency trauma kits.

Joint purchase in the United Kingdom of armored personnel vehicle.

Twenty five Walker razor thin electronic muffs personally delivered. 

Twenty drone batteries  for “Azov Battalion”.

Fifteen  two way radios Motorola DP4401e purchased in Poland for Kharkiv.

Twenty two thermal imagers,  telescopes,  riflescopes, collimators for military intelligence.

Three drones and five thermal imaging rifle scopes.

$ 4,240 
One Parrot Anafi Drone  for Sumy.

Vehicle for “Khmelnytsky Brigade”.

Two thermal vision scopes for Sumy border patrol.

Three thermal imagers and two goggles for Kharkiv.

One drone for Donetsk oblast.

One Thermal Monocular for front line.

Ten ear protection muffs.

Ten first aid kits.

Two thermal vision scopes for Sumy border patrol.

DJI Matrice 30T Drone for “Karpatska Sich”.

$5,092 B&H
Night vision binocular/goggle, batteries, flashlight, thermal imaging monocular, pelican case, helmet mount.

DJI Mavic 3 drone delivered to Kyiv.

“Sicheslav Prosvita” for Ukrainian language courses. 

Mezhyhirsky Spaso Ubrazhensky Monastery, St. Mykolaj Church in Kyiv and Holy Trinity Church in Yavoriv.

Vehicle truck for front line transport via Chaplain Sviatoslav Yurkiw.

Matrice 30T drone for Luhansk oblast.

Mavic 3 Long Flying Combo drone for “Ukrainsky Bojevi Vidmy”.

Compensate “Karpatska Sich” for Ukraine customs on drone.

Miscellaneous thermal imaging and communication for “Revanch Battalion”.

Ten drone motors.

Miscellaneous parts for drones.

Three drones and night vision goggle.

Ten ear muffs, three binoculars, three tactical vests.

Transport vehicle through Chaplain Sviatoslav Yurkiw.

Canon X460 camera.

“Halycka Prosvita” laptop for publication.

Three Mavic 3 drones for Donetsk region.

Thermal imager 640X480 for Odessa.

Ambulance for Bakhmut.

Miscellaneous assistance for soldiers in Bakhmut.

Gifts for children in orphanages.

Mavic 3 drone for Kalush regiment.

Mavic 3 drone parts for Bakhmut.

Imager for Luhansk.

Mavic 3 drone partial payment for  Solidar.

Vehicle for northern front.

$436,269 Total expenditures


Balance on hand $30,678.


Please send your contributions by check to UFUF, 136 Second Avenue, NYC 10003 or wire Routing number 226078379 Account 7616 or by going to ufuf.org and donating through PayPal.  

We will account for every dollar received.


January 20, 2023                                                 


Askold S. Lozynskyj                                                       Ruslana Rossi